Canberra Caravan Club
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Updated 15 Feb 2021
The Constitution

Information Booklet

The Club's Aims and Aspirations

To provide members with regular weekend Rallies (two per month wherever possible) and to encourage
fellowship and a social sphere which is both enjoyable and relaxing to a wide range of people from all walks
of life. To encourage and promote safety whilst towing our caravans to the various destinations. From time
to time the Club will endeavour to arrange guest speakers with expertise in this field to address members.
Please feel free to ask other Club members for their advice and call on their experience.

The Club has several information videos which are available to members.

To encourage members to attend the National Rallies of Caravan Clubs, which are staged in different
States, on a rotating basis, every three years. The combined clubs of each State establish a committee
which then hosts the National Rally. National rallies are held over a 10 day period, starting between
Christmas and New Year.

Annual General Meetings

These are held in May of each year to review the Club's activities of the previous year and to plan the
forthcoming year's events and objectives. The Club's financial position can be ascertained by the
Treasurer's Report and the other Committee Members will also deliver their reports. Membership fees are
set for the coming year and an Auditor is appointed. The election of Office Bearers for the coming year will,
as well, be conducted at the AGM, from the nominations received. It has been the practice for some years
for Club members to have a meal together after the AGM.

Monthly General Meetings

These are currently held at the Canberra Southern Cross Club, Woden on every second Sunday of the
month, commencing at 7-30 p.m. Occasionally the date will be altered to the first Sunday of the month, if the
second Sunday falls on a long weekend and the Club is away on a rally; or because of special events such
as Mothers' Day, or Fathers' Day. The aim of the General Meeting is to conduct the Club's business in a
light-hearted fashion. Usually the forthcoming Rally is discussed and final numbers are obtained to confirm
bookings. It is perceived by most members to be a good opportunity to socialise.

"The Gas Bottle"

This is the Club's monthly journal and newsletter. The Editor collates all contributions received from
members including the monthly Rally Report. The Editor's database includes such information as the
Membership list, phone numbers, important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. The Gas Bottle also
publicises forthcoming events and includes the minutes of the Club's previous meeting. As well, it contains
some advertisements from our sponsors on the inside front cover. Members' contributions are always

Why join a Caravan Club?

A Caravan Club provides the opportunity to do some research prior to purchasing a 'van; ie. to conduct a
"feasibility study". Members are more than happy to show prospective members and others through their
'van and to point out the "pros and cons" of certain types of 'vans. Information regarding safe towing is also
shared. There are many caravans parked in backyards, carports and garages which see the open road once
a year for the annual holidays. Joining a caravan club gives one the opportunity of optimising the use of
one's van by travelling away with like-minded people on a regular basis to many and varied destinations.

How do I decide whether I want to join?

Prospective members and guests are under no obligation to join. The Club encourages prospective
members to attend several events to see whether the Club's activities meet their needs. Having decided to
apply for membership, applications are then submitted to the Club Committee, which in turn, will offer its
recommendations of the proposed membership to the Monthly General Meeting.

What is a Caravan Rally?

This is where Club members hitch up their 'vans and head for a predetermined destination, over a weekend
or long weekend. "Roving" Rallies, of one or more week's duration, are sometimes organised. Members
can either participate in the whole journey or "catch up" with the others somewhere along the line. "Bush"
Rallies are held at venues where facilities like electricity and hot showers are sparse, or non-existent. At
the General Meeting in June, the Rally Convenor provides members with a proposed Rally programme for
the coming 12 months. The programme is appraised and discussed and sometimes adjusted. The
destinations are selected according to distance, number of days off (eg Public Holidays, etc), accessibility
to caravans, facilities, places of interest to visit, ability to erect one of the Club' marquees, site fees, etc.
Once a year, the Club endeavours to arrange a Joint Rally with another Caravan Club. As well as providing a
great social event, the exchange of ideas has proven to be invaluable. The Rally Convenor will have
appointed or "volunteered" a Rally Marshal (often a couple). The Rally Marshal(s) plan the outing's
activities, including any sight seeing, social activities, meal arrangements, entertainment etc. If required,
the Rally Marshal may seek assistance from the Rally Convenor and/or the Social Convenor. A volunteer is
also required to write the Rally Report for The Gas Bottle. Towards the conclusion of the Rally, the Rally
Attendance Book distributed for comments by the Rally Marshal. The site bookings will have been made by
the Rally Convenor and it is Club policy that he/she alone will carry out any negotiations with the Park
Managers. The Club recognises the importance of establishing and maintaining a good, cordial relationship
with Park owners/managers. Details of arrangements with the Park, site fees, the acceptance (or not) of
pets, etc. can be made available to members at the General Meeting prior to the Rally. It is vital for the Rally
Convenor and the Property Officer to receive final attendance numbers, to enable the confirmation of the
booking, and to allocate equipment, preferably no later than one week prior to the Rally. Occasionally
deposits are required, especially in the peak season.

What do I need to take?

The Property (Equipment) Officer distributes the Club equipment which needs to be taken on a Rally. This
depends on the number of participants. The equipment is then collected from the Property Officer at a
designated time. Members are usually contacted by telephone and given some idea of the equipment they
will be expected to take. Prospective members are often not required to carry any equipment. Whilst the
Club has two trestle tables, members are advised to bring along a collapsible table eg. a card table and a
fold-up chair for each person.

What happens on a Rally?

Travelling to and from our destination, members often travel in convoy. Most members have a CB radio to
aid in communication en route and on sight seeing trips. The Channel used by members is VHF/UHF 18. The
Club considers that it is most important not to inconvenience other motorists, especially when travelling in
convoy. Please attempt to pull off the road, when this can be done safely, in an effort to allow them to pass
us; this could avoid accidents when impatient motorists attempt to overtake us. Please allow sufficient
space between vans to enable vehicles to overtake us safely one at a time. The marquee is usually erected
when all the appropriate equipment has arrived, or as soon as practicable thereafter. The members who
have been allocated the urn, tea, coffee, milk etc will be the "Urn Monitors" for that particular Rally and any
expenses incurred replenishing same will be reimbursed by the Club. Club members enjoy playing Disc
Bowls, both competitively and just for entertainment.
"Happy Hour" usually commences around 4-30pm, although this depends on what the Rally Marshal has
planned for that day. It is advisable to bring some snacks which can be shared in the marquee during Happy
Hour. After meals in the marquee there are often games played, some nights there may be an auction, with
proceeds going to the Club's funds. If members have any small items for which they have no use- please
bring them along. Members usually go on tours of the area they are visiting by car and communicate with
each other by CB radio. The Club has a policy of "No Smoking" in the marquee; as well, dogs are not
permitted in the marquee.

What is a "Hot Pot"?

On some rallies, the Rally Marshal might organise a Hot Pot dinner to be shared in the marquee. This usually
comprises a casserole or it might have a special theme such as Italian or Pasta. Members are asked to
prepare enough food for about four or five serves. The same would apply for dessert. The food is set out in
banquet style on one of the trestle tables. Other meals at Rallies might consist of a BBQ, other nights we
may decide to have dinner out at a local Pub or restaurant.

What is a Local Social Event?

To assist with the maintenance and replacement of Club equipment, several fund-raising activities are also
undertaken throughout the year. Each year, several local outings are organised. The Club's Annual Dinner
usually takes place around June or July. As well, the Club has an annual Christmas function in early